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Target Number



How many different ways can you make this target number using only + and ?

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The perfect pond


Can you explain to Mr Roberts all of the features of a successful pond? Think about the things inside or around the pond, why are ponds used?

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Data Handling


1.       Which minibeasts are the most common in woodland?

2.       Which minibeasts are least common in heathland?

3.       How many more Woodlice are there than Wood Ants?

4.       How many more Wood Ants there than Caterpillars?

5.       What is the difference between Wood Ants and Slugs?

table 1

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How many ways can you make these values?


How many different ways can you make these values with the coins above?
9p        12p            16p

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1.3’s Favourite Toys


This week we brought our favourite toys to share with our friends. What is your favourite toy and is it different to ours?

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Visit to Toys R Us


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Hello From 1.3


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Blog Walk


It’s really important to visit other class blogs for two reasons. Firstly, it will help you with ideas about what to blog about and secondly, if you visit other class blogs and leave quality comments, you are likely to receive quality comments back! Here is a selection of school and class blogs:

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Introducing Padlet – No need to log in!


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Year One we are now on twitter!! Follow us @WTPAYear1 and follow your class teacher @MissStarnes13WT

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Year 2 Puppet Story Telling


IMG_0809[1] IMG_0806[1]


This afternoon we were invited in to Year 2 to watch their puppet shows. It was clear that they have worked very hard on the settings, characters, script, designing and making their own puppets. They retold the stories of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which we all remembered from Reception.  When we got back to class we created a list of questions that we would ask the Year 2 children:

How did you make your puppets?

Which materials did you use and where did you get them?

Why did you only choose those three stories?

Did you learn any new ways to retell a story?

We really enjoyed the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears told by the children in 2.1, especially the way some children used expression and tone in their voices for the different characters.

What did you enjoy most about the afternoon?

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Exploring Toys from the Past






As an entry point to our new topic ‘Why didn’t Grandad have a playstation?’  we held a Toy and Games day across year 1. We enjoyed exploring some old toys such as pick up sticks, draughts, jack in the box and making music with the harmonica. As well as playing with old toys we played some current games such as buckaroo, connect 4, kerplunk and frustration.

We invited grandparents in to have a go on the Wii and played against them. This was fun because the grandparents were not sure how to play so we had to show them as some of us have Wii’s at home. This was a good insight for all of us because the Wii came out before we were born so even that is a bit old!!!!

What did you enjoy about the afternoon? Did your grandparents play any of these games? Or did they play anything different?

IMG_1014 IMG_0995 IMG_1001 IMG_1012 IMG_1003 IMG_1022 IMG_1023IMG_1020

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What do you know about dinosaurs?


1: I know that dinosaurs egg crack then another dinosaurs comes.

2: I know that dinosaurs make loud noise

3: I know that they eat leaves,meat and grass.

4: I know that They lived a  time ago and they don’t live today and they won’t in the future.

 5: I know that dinosaur are really loud.

6: dinosaurs have sharp teeth.

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Book Making in 1.3



I went on a course this week that showed me how to engage children in writing through the use of books. On Wednesday I brought my learning back to the classroom and shared one idea with the children in 1.3. We made a small book and used it as a shape guide to help us remember the properties of 2d shapes. Here are some of the children’s thought on the process of book making:



“I found it really fun to look at my own shape book”

“It was quite tricky but I collaborated with my friends to finish the book”

“It was a bit hard, I was in the pit but I got out by persevering”

“It made me want to write my own book”

IMG_0154 IMG_0156 IMG_0155

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Remember, Remember the 5th November


In Year 1 we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We enjoyed learning rhymes to help us remember why we celebrate such a historical event.

We looked closely at the famous buildings involved in the story – The Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. We made comparisons between London in 1605 and London in 2014.

Can you think of some items that we have in 2014 that they did not have in 1605?

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What is your favourite Anansi story?


” Anancy is a spider, Anancy is a man,

Anacy’s West Indian, and West African”

As part of our celebration of Black History we have been learning about Anansi the Spider. We have listened to a wide range of stories about Anansi.

Our favourite Anansi story is “Anansi goes to Lunch”. Anansi is taught a  lesson by having no food when he is invited by three of his friends to dinner. He agrees to go to dinner with all of them, however he can not be in three places at the same time. He has a really good idea to tie string around his waist and when his friends have finished cooking, he tells them to pull on the string and he will come and bring his ‘appetite’. Unfortunately for Anansi his friend all finish cooking at the same time, causing the string to split and Anansi left on the floor with no food at all.

After this Anansi learnt never to be GREEDY again.


Hello World from Class 1.3


This is your way to share your learning with the rest of the world. Show your family what you have learnt at school or show your teacher what you have learnt at home. Work isn’t just for your maths and topic books at school or for the walls of your classroom but should be shared with the rest of the world on the internet.


This week we shall be uploading some of our work to the blog so as others can view your challenges and add comments with any feedback. There will also be weekly challenges on the blog to be completed. Keep your eyes on this BlogSpot!

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